After years of trying many, many lash adhesives, we have finally discovered number one, nothing else compares.  If you apply lash extensions professionally, you have to try Lash X Pro.


Lash X Professional Speed adhesive is a ground breaking formula,  Safe for even the most sensitive clients, the LAshX Speed Adhesive is fume and formaldehyde free.  Truly the last adhesive you will buy, check out some reviews.

Our Cleanser, especially created to work with the Lash X Pro adhesive, allows you to cleanse your lashes safely removing oil and bacteria, without containing any ingredients that would compromise the life of their extensions. This gentle lash cleanser removes makeup and impurities without damaging the bonding agent used to secure the extensions.


Completing the system, LAshX® Pro/Line, the only lash growth product that is lash extension safe.  LAshX® Pro/Line Treatment is a serum that captures the latest in scientific advancement to strengthen and condition existing lashes while stimulating new growth in a safe and natural way. LAshX® Pro/Line Treatment is a clear formula used to strengthen, condition, and grow lashes and brows. Apply to your lash line once a day, morning or night, and see amazing results!