Bookings are confirmed once a confirmation email is received showing you the details of your appointment.  A $30 deposit via Pay pal, Credit/Debit card or bank transfer is required before a booking can be confirmed.  Booking via our website is our preferred method, this gives you the freedom to choose the time slot available and make payment either via Pay pal or Credit/Debit as a guest through our booking system.

Covid 19 Update, Please help us to keep everyone safe.

We no longer have a waiting area in the salon to better adhere to social distancing practices.  Please only come into your appointment at your scheduled time, and please do not bring others with you.  If you do happen to arrive early please wait in your car and send us a message to let us know you have arrived.  Upon entry please apply hand sanitiser.  We will continue to adhere to our strict hygiene practices (which does include wearing masks as always)

By booking and attending your appointment you understand and agree to the following.

To prepare for your appointment please ensure your lashes are clean, we may ask you to wash your lashes yourself before we begin the procedure, any oil or sweat can impact the longevity of your set and make it difficult for your extensions to adhere to your natural lashes.

Please do not wear makeup as it interferes with the adhesive used on lash extensions (it makes the extensions difficult to apply to your natural lashes and they won't last as long). 


If for any reason you attend your lash extension appointment wearing eye makeup, the time used to cleanse will be taken from your booking (this means less lashes) and you accept that the retention of your lashes may be impacted by any makeup left on your lashes.  If this situation does arise you accept that you will not be entitled to a complimentary refill or refund.

Please do not bring young children to your appointment,  applying lash extensions is a precision technique which requires a high level of concentration and calm which can be interrupted by children in the salon.  The tools and chemicals used in our salon can be hazardous to children and our insurance does not cover us for this.  We also need to be considerate of the other clients in our salon who have booked for a relaxing experience.

Please refrain from drinking caffeine prior to your appointment as this can make your eyes twitch (this makes applying lashes difficult and therefore you will receive less lashes during your booked time slot)

We love having a chat with you and we also love making sure your Lashes look amazing so please don't be offended if conversation dies down in the early stages of your booking.  It may not seem like much however our eyes move when we talk, and being a precision technique, talking can make applying lashes difficult (again, this can mean less lashes applied in the time slot you have booked)


Your booking is on a timed basis, so if you are late, and/or are wearing makeup to your appointment, your lateness and/or the time to remove your makeup is taken from your booking time scheduled.  Extensions of your booking time may only occur if agreed by your Lash artist at Lead with Lashes, there are no other clients within that extension time and you agree to pay the additional charges involved.

In line with the highest industry standards we do not fill other techs work.  If you have lashes left from another lash technician please book a removal and also a full set of your choice, if you book in a refill, upon your arrival we will be able to perform a removal and reschedule you for a new full set on another day (remover can impact your new set so it is advisable to remove and then apply a new full set either the next day or another following day after you have had a chance to wash your lashes thoroughly)

When using our past work as a guide, please remember that everyone's lashes are unique and your outcome may not be the same as someone else's.  Faces, eyes and lashes come in all shapes and sizes and it is our duty to ensure we lash you according to your own, for your own individual styling and lash health. 


Please read  through the following conditions and consent information.  

If you answer yes to any of these conditions it may determine that eyelash extensions are not suitable for you, if this is the case please contact Lead with Lashes to discuss.


Allergies to adhesives (glues, tapes, band aids etc.)
Adverse reactions:  Eyelash extensions use adhesive tapes, glue and gel pads that may cause an allergic reaction.
Do you have this condition?        Yes            No


Chemotherapy Treatments within the last 6-12 months
Medication for chemotherapy may cause a reaction to the materials used for eyelash extensions.
Do you have this condition?        Yes             No


Thyroid Medications 
Eyelash extensions will not last due to medication in the system
Do you have this condition?        Yes             No


Lasik Surgery less than 4 months (must wait 4 weeks post-op exam for medical consent)
Eyes may have sensitivity to eyelash extensions and products used for prepping the eye area (glues, gel pads).
Do you have this condition?        Yes             No


Blepharoplasty (must wait 6 months post – op for medical consent)
Eyes may have sensitivity to eyelash extensions and products used for prepping the eye area (glues, gel pads).
Do you have this condition         Yes             No


Contact lenses
Glue used to apply the eyelash extensions may get underneath the contact lens and cause corneal abrasion or scratching.  Contact lenses must be removed prior to eyelash extension procedures.
Do you have contact lenses?         Yes             No


Extremely oily skin and/or hair.
Natural oils will break down the adhesives used to bond the eyelash extensions causing the eyelash extensions to fall out.
Do you have extremely oily skin and/or hair     Yes        No

I understand there are risks associated with having artificial eyelashes applied to and/or removed from my natural eyelashes. 

I understand that the eyelash extensions will be applied to the natural lash as determined by the technician so as not to create excessive weight on the natural eyelash thereby preserving the health, growth and natural look of the client’s natural eyelashes.


I understand as part of the procedure eye irritation, eye pain, eye itching, discomfort and in rare cases allergies or eye infection may occur. I understand and agree that if I experience any of these issues with my lashes that I will consult a physician at my own expense immediately for proper instruction which may include removal.  I understand that even though the technician may apply and remove the eyelashes properly, that adhesive materials may become dislodged during or after the procedure, which may irritate my eyes or require further follow up care. 


I understand and agree to follow the after care instructions provided by my technician. Failure to follow the after care instructions can cause the eyelash extensions to fall out prematurely.


I understand that external factors such as exposure to water, excess humidity, heat, sweat, incompatibility and improper aftercare can impact the retention of Lash extensions, and these cannot be controlled or monitored by my lash technician.  I also understand that the money paid to have Lash extensions applied are used to cover the time taken, expenses, supplies and expertise of an experienced professional Lash technician.  For these reasons in the event of dissatisfaction with retention, a refund generally will not be issued. 


In the unlikely event of a refund due to dissatisfaction, the lash extensions applied must be completely removed by a Lead with Lashes Lash artist at an agreed time prior to the refund being processed.  If you believe they have already fallen out, you are still required to come in for your lashes to be assessed before a refund can be issued.


Please note, it is reasonable that I contact Lead with Lashes with any concerns regarding dissatisfaction within the first week of application.  I understand concerns regarding retention after this point will not be addressed.  I agree that it is reasonable to take the appropriate steps to rectify any issues within that 1 week time frame, such as arranging a time to assess and fix the extensions applied. (This does not apply where you have come to your initial appointment wearing makeup)


I understand that in order to have the eyelash extensions applied to my eyelashes I will need to keep my eyes closed for duration of 60-180 minutes during the procedure. I also understand that I will need to be lying in a reclined position. Any medical conditions that might be aggravated by lying still for a prolonged period of time may mean I will not be able to have the procedure performed.


I understand that if under the age of 18, I have the permission of my parent/guardians to have this procedure carried out.


This agreement will remain in effect for the procedure and all future procedures conducted by my technician. I understand that this agreement is binding and that I have read and fully understand all information listed above.