Lash Extensions

We are so passionate about what we do, and that shows in our workmanship. We are dedicated to creating the perfect lash line, the perfect fullness, the perfect service for each and everyone that walks in.  We currently apply 5 different types of sets, varying in fullness which we create depending on your preference, eye shape and your natural lashes to ensure the best accentuation of your eyes.


We have been successfully registered with ARLA (Registered Lash Artists) in a bid to hold ourselves accountable to the highest health, safety and application standards in the industry.

If you are thinking about having Lash extensions applied by us, check out our work below to help you decide which set is for you.  Please use the images as a guide, everyone's lashes are unique and our service is tailored to each individual taking into consideration styling and the health of your natural lashes.

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Classic lashes are one extension to each of your eyelashes, they make your lashes slightly fuller with more definition. This is our most natural looking set so is great for first timers.


Flat Lashes

Flats are the same as Classic Lashes except they are flat in shape rather than cylindrical like a natural hair shaft, they give a fuller look than a classic set, but still offer definition.


2D Lashes

2D Lashes are 2 lashes to each of your natural lashes, these give twice the volume of a Classic Set.


Russian Volume

Invented in Russia, Russian Volume lashes are finer lashes (than classics) where your lash artist will create a fan of 2-8 lashes at the time of your appointment (depending on the thickness of the lash used, the style to be applied and the strength of your natural lash), Your Lash Artist will then apply this fan to your lash with adhesive so that the base of the fan wraps around the base of your natural lash.  This is the Fullest most dramatic of our sets.



Hybrids are a combination of Classics and Russian Volumes, this set gives you the fluffiness of a Russian Volume set with the spikey definition of a Classic set.